Friday, October 9, 2015


The following comments are from a reader of my legal thriller Sleeping With Angels:

A story showing the dark, seamy side of life in a brothel for male prostitutes and the acts they must perform; the abuse they receive just to make a living.  On the other hand, life in a big law firm in the city. Some scandalous behaviour (while appearing to be within the law) in that area too.

And the people who have the moral fibre to stand up to the bullies, have the nerve to see it through till the criminals are put under lock and key.

A riveting read – a real page turner – interesting sentence structures and well composed paragraphs. The tension level was up till the very end.

I’ll never look at that pink legal tape in the same way again!

LB, Broadbeach

Thursday, October 8, 2015


My fifth published novel A Dragon In The Snow is now published.  It is the third book to be published by Custom Book Publications, Hong Kong.

It is available both in hard copy and as a Kindle download from Amazon as well as numerous other online booksellers.