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[There is a seemingly never-ending supply of information on the Internet regarding alleged miracles of one kind or another associated with the phenomenon that is Medjugorje. The following are some extracts from a 1988 article by Monte Leach entitled Manifestations from Medjugorje, only slightly edited by me]:

Eighteen members of a Catholic prayer community in Northern California say that their rosary beads changed from a silver to gold colour both during and after a recent prayer retreat. The eighteen believe the changes are miracles performed by the Virgin Mary as part of her manifestation in Medjugorje…Changes in rosary beads have been reported in other parts of the U.S. and around the world, including some 50 parishioners in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, who say their beads changed form silver to a gold colour after a member of their congregation returned from Medjugorje last year.

Like Somers, one of the Northern California Catholics who attended the prayer retreat, says she was reciting the prayer of the rosary when her beads changed colour.  “I looked at the rosary in my hand and it was glowing,” Somers says. She has had rosary beads for 40 years, she says, and has never seen any of them change colour the way hers did that day at the retreat. In other parts of the U.S., metallurgists have examined beads that people claim have changed colour. The metallurgists have found the rosaries not to be gold, but have yet to determine their actual metallic composition.

Phenomena of all types have been reported at Medjugorje. Physical healings are common; the cross on one of the mountains lights up, and a woman’s figure is seen on the cross; the word MIR, the Croatian and Russian word for peace, has been written across the sky in bright lights, and seen by thousands of people; rosary beads in Medjugorje change from silver to gold.

Mary Ann Serrano actually witnessed one of the more commonly reported miracles at Medjugorje. “I had just come out of Mass. The sun was over Mount Krisevac, a hill where people pray every day and where Mary has actually appeared. All of a sudden I saw a crowd of people with the faces in awe. And gold light on their faces. I turned and looked and the sun was spinning across the  sky, with great rainbows of light coming out of it. Rainbows of light and most prominently a cross. You could stare straight into the sun and you didn’t have to blink. It didn’t hurt your eyes. And then all of a sudden it came back and was a normal sun again.”

Friday, August 18, 2017


[After nine months of undertaking this exercise, it seems there are countless stories on the Internet about miraculous cures attributable to Medjugorje, many more than I thought I’d be able to find. What follows, only slightly edited by me, is the testimony of Joaniee Schlagel, a woman from Colorado in the U.S. who was inexplicably cured of an inoperable and life threatening tumour simply by visiting Medjugorje]:

“It all started in my home state of Colorado. I hadn’t been to church since the time of the Latin Mass and for some reason, this Easter in ’92, it was like someone was dragging me to church by the collar. I went and met these people. They had back packs that said “Queen of Peace” on them. I asked them who they were and they said they brought medical supplies into Bosnia. I responded that I would like to go and we exchanged numbers.

“I thought to myself — Where’s Bosnia and why do I want to go there? Then I found that something else happened that was strange. I couldn’t stop saying the Rosary even though I had never liked the Rosary. Basically, I had no idea what was happening to me.

“Anyway, as I was preparing for my trip I found out I had a rare tumour wrapping around my heart and kidneys and that it was inoperable. It was called Retroperitoneal Fibrosis. (From an international search it was discovered that I was only one of 500 with it in the world, with most people dying from it because it is undetectable. As it is not cancerous, chemotherapy was not an option. Instead, steroids were used as a last ditch effort. My surgeon had actually asked me not to take them because of the damage they would do. As it happened, I blew up to 250lbs and it wasn’t just the weight — I looked almost disfigured). I called and cancelled the trip.

Then when I found out I had three months to live, I got a call from the same people and they told me they had to postpone their trip to Medjugorje — they were going in April 1993 instead. They asked if I’d like to go. I decided I would.

It is important to understand that I wasn’t going for a miracle. In fact, the way I behaved while I was there it was interesting that I had even said yes at all. When I got there, I really wasn’t doing much praying. I remember spending a lot of time in the pizza place and soon enough I was back on the plane returning home, thinking — Here I am in this holy place with three months to live. I should have been on my hands and knees praying.

“Then something happened which I didn’t expect. Suddenly, I felt so good in my heart like if I were to die it would be okay.

“When I returned home, I went to my doctor for another CAT scan. He called me in and said something was wrong. Of course, I thought I probably had a week to live. But he had other news for me. He said ‘Your CAT scan says your tumour is drastically decreased. There’s something wrong. They must have made an error. Would you please take another test?’ So I did.

“When that report came back the tumour was all gone. Praised be Jesus.

“I am left with the sense that it is not about the physical healing but the conversion of heart. I never thought I could feel this way.”

Joaniee Schlagel, Colorado, United States

19 January 2009.

Friday, August 4, 2017


[Said to be the most famous person to have received a healing courtesy of Medjugorje, details of Lola Falana’s cure appears on multiple websites. The following is a short extract from one of them, only slightly edited by me]:

The most famous person to claim that she had been healed by Our Lady of Medjugorje was entertainer Lola Falana who was also suffering from multiple sclerosis. By 1989, she was confined to either the wheelchair or her bed. One day, she was watching a documentary about Medjugorje. According to her, “When the television showed the crowd of pilgrims which ascend the Hill of Apparitions, I experienced a desire to go there, to walk with them, but my legs were inert, dead. Then, with tears in my eyes, I prayed to the Blessed Mother to heal me, promising her that if one day I would be able to walk again, I would go there.” Within a month, all the symptoms of her illness had disappeared.

As promised, she went to Medjugorje.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


[Articles relating to Italian girl Chiara Zoccante appear all over the web, mainly in Italian. I have found the following on It has only been slightly edited by me]:

10 year old Italian girl Chiara Zoccante suffered from a pituitary tumour when she attended visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo’s apparition on 02 January 2006.  Afterwards, Mirjana told Chiara’s parents that the Virgin Mary had put her hands on their girl. One month later doctors discovered that the tumour was gone.

The cure must be immediate, permanent and unexplainable by medical treatments. When the Catholic Church investigates claims of miraculous healings, these three criteria must be met before a cure can be declared a miracle.

And so, when the medical experts assigned by the Vatican Commission charged with investigating the events in Medjugorje sift through the more than 400 case files of claimed healings, they might set aside Chiara’s case, now in her seventh year of good health.

At age 10, Chiara was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour. She was first hospitalised on 24 June 2005, on  the 24th anniversary of the Medjugorje apparitions.

“By chance, at the hospital we met a friend who told us about the apparitions,” Chiara’s parents, Patrizia and Mariano, told the weekly Italian magazine Oggi in June (this year — possibly 2012). We promised to take Chiara to Medjugorje as soon as she felt good enough physically. And we kept our word.

“On 31 December 2005 we arrived in the town of the Virgin. We were excited by the grace of the place where everyone invited us to pray. Meeting with Father Jozo (Medjugorje’s parish priest at the time of the first apparition) was a balm, but the most touching moment  was the meeting with Mirjana during her monthly apparition.

“On 02 January 2006, Chiara was taken near the visionary. After the apparition Mirjana told us that he Virgin had put her hands on Chiara.  Exactly one month later, on 02 February 2006, we went to the hospital for a routine MRI. The cancer had completely disappeared. And not only that: her hair also came back though the doctors told us that Chiara would remain bald, as a consequence of chemotherapy.”

Though Chiara’s story is only now breaking in English, it has been known for a while in Italy. On 18 April 2010 Chiara testified before about 20,000 people gathered for a Medjugorje prayer meeting in Milan.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


[Susan Tassone’s story appears on many websites. She has authored a number of books, including Praying with the Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. The following is an extract of her testimony in her own words with just slight editing by me]:

On August 11, 1983, the feast of my patron, St. Susanna, I was hit head on and injured by a cab, which left my leg damaged. My doctor told me that my leg was permanently damaged, and that I would have constant bouts of painful swelling and tenderness of the leg for the rest of my life.

The date was even more significant. Fifty years earlier, on that very same day, my great aunt, known as “Little Mary,” who was ten years old at the time, was also injured in a car accident. She died. I survived. A priest told me that my life was spared and that I had a mission. He said that sometimes a sacrifice is made in the family for a greater cause. It shook me up.

I have had a special bond with the Blessed Mother since I was a child. My mother was very active in the parish, and we were very young when she planted the seed for the love of Our lady in our hearts. (I remember, for example, we had the Pilgrim Virgin statue in our home).

In 1993, with the permission of my doctor, I decided to go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, to pay a visit, experience closeness with Our Lady, and to return home. Our Blessed Mother had other plans. During an apparition on Good Friday night, 1993, I saw an image of Our Lady within a cobalt blue colour. I knew it was Her. They say the white flashes are angels that appear before Her. My knees shook. I knelt to steady them. I was in amazement and awe.

My rosary links turned to gold and my leg, my permanently damaged leg, was healed on Mt Krizevac (Cross Mountain). My doctor said it was a miracle and I was blessed. However, he waited three years before he would document the healing. He wanted to be sure it was real. Three years later, I flew back to Medjugorje to deliver the letter. It is one of the documented medical cases of registered healings in Medjugorje. Fr Slavko Barbaric interviewed me for “Mir Magazine,” the local magazine of Medjugorje.

Friday, April 28, 2017


[The following testimony, or articles relating to Silvia Busi appears on many websites. This one has been extracted from an article by Jakob Marschner on It has only been slightly edited by me]:

All the medical tests were negative when Silvia Busi fell very ill at 16. Within days, the normal Italian girl found herself in a wheelchair, unable to move her legs. Nine months later Silvia’s illness disappeared as suddenly as it had come about, during an apparition to Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic. “The gift of faith is the biggest one I got,” she says.

Instantly ill and crippled for months, then just as instantly cured. Life took place in drastic turns when Silvia was 16 and 17.

For nine months from October 2004 the student from Padua, Italy was a paraplegic confined to her wheelchair, unable to walk or move her legs. Silvia’s time as an invalid ended in June 2005 on top of Apparition Hill in Medjugorje when she stood up and walked after an apparition to visionary Ivan Dragicevic.

“Until the beginning of October 2004,” Silvia testified during a recent prayer meeting in Italy, “I was a normal girl going to school, having friends, dancing and swimming. Suddenly, within a few days, all that was blocked, though all the medical tests were negative.

“When I found myself in a wheelchair, my family and I lived through hard and painful moments. In the following months I began losing weight and my seizures got worse, limiting my life even more, and leading me to an emotional breakdown.”

Early on, Silvia’s mother turned to faith as the solution to her daughter’s condition. The home was Catholic but Silvia says she attended Sunday Mass only out of habit:

“My mother was our strength,” Silvia said. “Finding no answers with doctors, she turned to a priest who was very devoted to a Marian group. So we started to follow the group every Friday, along with praying the Rosary, going to Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. I followed my parents, though, only because I could not stay at home alone.

“In May, the month dedicated to the Madonna, my mother decided to attend the group every day and not only on Friday, and at least pray the Rosary and go to Mass. At first it was not easy for me but after a few weeks, I began to feel the need to go there because only there could I feel a little peace. Not being able to do the same things as my peers, in that place I felt the weight less.”

Silvia’s decision to go to Medjugorje was as sudden as her illness and her later cure:

“On June 20,” Silvia told the attendees at the prayer meeting, “my physical therapist told me that next week she would accompany her mother to Medjugorje. I asked if I could go with them, and after three days I found myself on the bus to Medjugorje with my father. We arrived in the morning of June 24, the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, but also the anniversary of the first apparition.”

When Silvia heard that visionary Ivan was to have a public apparition in the evening, she immediately decided to go there, though she thought it would be impossible to bring her wheelchair to the top of Apparition Hill. Instead, she was carried to the hilltop where she arrived at 8:00 pm, two hours before the apparition.

“That is my earliest memory of prayer really done with the heart. Those two hours flew away. Sitting next to me, my group leader told me to address the Madonna because shortly thereafter she would come down from Heaven to listen to all of us. Then I asked Her for the strength to serenely accept and face a life in a wheelchair because I was seventeen, and the future terrified me so.

“During Ivan’s apparition,” Silvia testified, “I saw a light to my left: white, beautiful, very vocal and loud but I could look at it because I did not get blinded. When I saw it, I was afraid and I lowered my eyes not to look at it but it was also good and I could not help but watch it. Thus, throughout the apparition, I always looked at this light through the corner of my eye.”

After the apparition, Silvia’s carriers lost her, and she fell on the hard hillside stones. But Silvia did not feel the rocks, she said. Instead her healing took place:

“I remember it as if I was being on a soft mattress and not on those hard and sharp rocks. I also remember a very sweet voice which spoke to me and calmed me. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes and my father was crying. But for the first time in nine months, I could feel my legs; I felt I leaned on something. Then I told my father ‘I am cured; I can walk!’

“There was a hand stretched out in front of me. I grabbed it and I found myself on my feet as if it were the most natural thing. I burst into tears because this was something bigger than me. I could never have imagined this. Then I started to walk. My legs were very thin but I was sure I would never fall because I felt some invisible strings that held me from behind, and I was sure that I would not fall and get hurt.”

The next morning, at about five o’clock, Silvia climbed Cross Mountain to pray the Way of the Cross along with her group. When she returned from Medjugorje, only the seizures were left of her illness. For them to disappear took another Medjugorje involvement:

“I continued to have seizures,” Silvia said, “but thanks be to God they went over. At first I was very shy and did not witness, and then I had many seizures during the day. Then Fr. Ljubo Kurtovic, a priest from Medjugorje, came to Turin for a prayer meeting and he told me to give thanks and praise to God for the gift He gave me.”

She was happy to pray the Rosary and give her testimony, then thought that was it. But it was not:

“Before I went away, Fr Ljubo prayed over me, blessed me and a few days later all the seizures disappeared. After a year I stopped taking medicine and now, thanks be to God, I am fine.”

Though Silvia is now completely healed, she does not consider that the biggest gift she got:

“The greatest grace that God gave me and my family was to rediscover the grace of God, faith and conversion. The road is very long; we just started and then it continues for a lifetime. The difficulties are there and no-one is immune to this but with the power of faith and prayer, you are able to overcome and deal with them.

“With this conversion, it is as if God has lit a fire inside me. But as fire is being fed with wood, so faith must be nourished by prayer. And by the Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, the Rosary, reading the Bible, fasting and Confession at least once a month. With all this, the fire is not quenched, even if a little wind is blowing.

“For me this is really the most important and beautiful in life. I pray with all my heart to every day experience more of the love of God and the Madonna which is immense, and the same for each of us.”

Saturday, April 22, 2017


[The story of Domenico Mascheri appears on numerous Internet sites. The following is an article about him I have taken from I have only slightly edited it]:

An 87-year-old man from Italy, who had been using a hearing device since the 1970s, suddenly started to hear during a Mass at Medjugorje.

Domenico Mascheri says his wife still cannot understand that she does not have to shout anymore. It all happened at an outdoor service on September 27 of this year (2011). During the Mass, he started to hear by himself after 40 years of being totally dependent on hearing devices. When he went to the Mass that evening, it was after two days of total silence, as the batteries in his hearing devices had run out, and he did not have spares. He had climbed Apparition Hill that day with the help of a wooden cane.

Domenico sat on the bench with a small group of pilgrims and about half-way through reciting the Ave Maria — he told reporters back home — he started to hear the pastor’s voice, which slowly became stronger until he could hear everything. He began to cry, and did not even tell his companions.

Later that evening Domenico told everyone in the group what had happened. They spent the rest of the evening partying and praising God for the beauty of the miracle of Domenico. (Source:

Medjugorje is a fountain of spiritual fruits for the world. As of October, 2011 Medjugorje parish archivist Marija Dugandzic has confirmed that 532 healings were medically documented; 520 men became priests as a result of a visit; 123 women became nuns as a result of a visit and 540,000 visits were registered from cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns. (Source:

And it is likely that hundreds, if not thousands of healings, vocations, and visits have gone unreported to the Medjugorje parish. On this Thanksgiving Day, 2011, let us give praise and thanksgiving to God for Medjugorje.