Wednesday, January 30, 2019


There have been many reports of people smelling a strong odour of roses at certain sites around Medjugorje. So far, I have not recorded any of these. However, the following, slightly edited by me, has been extracted from website Mystic Post authored by Antonella Sanicanti.

This is the story of Father Jarek Cielecki who had the Madonna Assunta painted, to carry it to parishes all over the world.  One day, Fr. Cielecki arrived in Medjugorje with that painting. Prior to this, he had not been inclined to believe in the apparitions but something happened there that changed his mind forever.

He began to smell roses and in the afternoon of the day when the Virgin appeared to the seer, Ivan, he felt that the smell came from the painting and it was so strong that it came to all those who stood next to him. Then all together they also saw the sun that was expressed in a “dance” and then turned into a pulsating host.