Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I've received a great review from Readers' Favorite for Calvus.  It follows:

Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

Calvus by Darryl Greer is an amazing story spanning two thousand years and many miles. As a young legionary, Calvus experiences the crucifixion of Jesus in Jerusalem and is profoundly moved by the feelings of love and brotherhood he perceives as they join glances. Later in his own life as a centurion of Rome posted in the British outpost town of Verulamium, that same profound sense of calm pervades Calvus’ spirit as he is about to be crucified for treason against Rome, a charge brought against him by the camp commander jealous of his loving relationship with his wife. In modern day, Chris O’Rourke is a detective charged with solving the crucifixion murder of an unknown victim on the same hillside. With no way to identify the body and no evidence linking anyone to the crime, the case is scaled down and Chris is reassigned. In the meantime, an ancient coffin that can be dated back to the first century is uncovered in an excavation nearby, opening the door to many new questions. Can there be a relationship that joins the past and present?

A wonderful look into the life of Roman soldiers and citizens at the beginning of the Christian era, Calvus by Darryl Greer offers much, much more. The plot is intricately interwoven, combining past and present, with characters that truly come alive. This book offers a tremendous message about the corruption of power through greed and lust, and provides a reminder that love and brotherhood should be honored above all else. This story is amazing! The descriptions are vivid. The message is certainly timely as well.