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[I extracted the following article from which appears to have been taken from a commentary that appeared in The Catholic Transcript.  It has only been slightly edited by me]:

Michael W. Petrides wrote a commentary that appeared in The Catholic Transcript September 10, 1993 issue. Dr. Petrides has done extensive study in brain laterality and visual perception research at the Institute of Living, and has doctoral training in clinical psychology at St. Louis University. At the time this article appeared he was the director of the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic’s mental health services for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut.

It is extremely noteworthy that the reported apparitions in Medjugorje are the first apparitions in history to be thoroughly investigated by science. Professor Henri Joyeux headed a team from the University of Montpelier, France. Dr. Frigerio and colleagues from Italy did further investigation. The regularity of the apparitions has made for consistent and extremely reliable findings.

Five alleged visionaries tested were found to simultaneously look at precisely the same spot even though no reference point was visible, within one-fifth of a second of each other when the Blessed Virgin Mary allegedly appears. Such synchronisation can only be explained by some external “object” holding their gaze —  but one which those around them could not see.

During the same one-fifth of a second, there is simultaneous kneeling and the cessation of eye movements. There is no eye movement during the entire apparition, from 3 to 45 minutes. There is also the simultaneous raising of their heads and gazing upwards while remaining fixated on a spot moving upwards when the apparition is finishing.

Two of the alleged visionaries do not blink at all during the apparition. The eyeball normally dries when there is no regular blinking (15-20 times a minute) to moisten the cornea, but lacrimal secretion does not seem necessary during the apparition. The other alleged visionaries blink about half the normal rate. None of them blinks in response to touching the eye during the apparition (cornea sensitivity to varying pressures is completely absent) although they blink normally at other times.

There is no reaction to pain during the apparition. When touched with an algometer, which causes a cetaneous lesion or skin burn, there was complete absence of sensitivity. The alleged visionaries react normally to pain at other times.

The interesting results of a hearing test before and during an apparition showed normal hearing but during the apparition, an input of ninety decibels (equivalent to a loud explosion) showed NO reaction. Auditory evoked potential measurement (electrical activity of the ear) indicated normal ear activity with no transmission to the inner ear during the apparition. It is a measurable inhibition of hearing that is involuntary and inexplicable physiologically.

Electroencephalographic (EEG) tests confirm that the alleged visionaries’ brain functioning is normal and healthy. EEG tests rule out the possibility of epilepsy or psychotic hallucinations. The alleged visionaries are not asleep or dreaming either. Hysterical neurotic reaction or pathological ecstasy is also ruled out by the EEG testing.

What EEG testing showed was that before the apparition, the brain waves are predominantly beta rhythm interspersed by alpha rhythm (normal conscious attentiveness). At the start of the apparition, the beta rhythm remains for a short time and then is replaced by an almost uninterrupted alpha rhythm. Alpha rhythm is most often observed during relaxation, in a state of expectation, or engaged in mediation. It is also usually requires practice to achieve such a diffuse response. Because most of the brain is devoted to visual processing, it is noteworthy that the alpha rhythm over the entire cranium was exhibited while the alleged visionaries had their eyes wide open throughout the apparition. Closed eyes would be expected with alpha rhythm because visual stimulation usually produces interference with alpha rhythm.

To test visual stimulation further, a 1000 watt light bulb was placed in front of the eyes of the alleged visionaries during the apparition. Not only is a 1000 watt light bulb usually painful to the eye but also it would normally cause increased blinking and influence alpha rhythm. There was no blinking movement of the eyelids to the 1000 watt stimulus. There was an interesting papillary response. The pupil contracted as one would expect in bright light but there was no change in alpha rhythm to the 1000 watt light. This is scientifically inexplicable and never seen before. FOR THE PUPIL TO RESPOND, THE BRAIN MUST REGISTER THE LIGHT BUT NO BRAIN WAVE CHANGE TOOK PALCE.  Additionally, such intense stimulation normally causes a significant cortical response, but none occurred during the apparition period.

During the apparition period, another scientifically inexplicable event takes place. The alleged visionaries’ voices stop during the time that they are having the vision. Even though all the muscles involved in speech continue (all mouth, jaw and throat muscles) the larynx (voice box) shuts off. This is physically impossible. The laryngeal function cannot be physically isolated from the rest of the muscles of speech. The larynx ceases to emit sound during the apparition — except for one exception. In unison, during the apparition the alleged visionaries will be heard simultaneously praying:  “…who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy name…” When asked, they reported Mary is leading them in the Lord’s Prayer.

In summary, the unique aspects of the results of the scientific investigations point to the conclusion that nothing in the physical realm is allowed to interfere with the apparition experience. Scientific experts have defined the phenomena “as a state of active, intense prayer, partially disconnected from the external world, a state of contemplation with a separate person whom they alone can see, hear and touch.”

The current attitude of the Church after fourteen years of scrutiny is a kind of provisional approval. Both the pope and the former bishops are treating and nurturing Medjugorje as a legitimate place of pilgrimage. Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II strongly believes in the fruits of Medjugorje. In response to thanks for what he did to free Poland from communism he has said:  “No, not me, but by the works of the Blessed Virgin according to her affirmations at Fatima and Medjugorje.”  He also said, “Medjugorje is the fulfilment and continuation of Fatima.”  American church leaders would do well to offer the same kind of provisional approval and pastoral assistance to those experiencing conversion through Medjugorje.

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[The following article is from and relates to an investigation and report by Dr Giorgio Sanguinetti. It has only been slightly edited by me]:

This commentary relates to my experience in Medjugorje, in Yugoslavia on 26, 27 and 28 April 1985. The young people, the visionaries whom I got to know were Vicka, Marija, Ivanka, Ivan and Jakov.

At the meeting which took place in Jakov’s house as well as in the presbytery where the visionaries go through their supernatural experience, I tried to draw on, as much as possible, my experience and knowledge as a psychiatrist to observe the circumstances which I shall describe in a simple, clinical perspective, which will have nothing savouring of magic or any special emotional conditioning. I believe that, without too much difficulty, I succeeded in that.

The first thing to strike me both after individual conversations which I had with these young boys and girls, the ‘visionaries,’ and after observing them continuously before, during and after their ‘vision,’ was that I did not find anything psychopathological of a delirious, hallucinatory or hysterical kind in their gestures, their behaviours or their words.  In cases of delirium, a syndrome which I know very well because of the numerous paranoid delirious people with a mystical bent seen at the clinic, there always follows, though in different ways, a surge of “omnipotence” not necessarily expressed with noisy insistence or displayed fanatically, but coming across with a quiet, complacent silence. This hides the sense of triumph through a privileged relationship with the transcendent — an illusion. Besides that, a mystical delirious idea is a constant conviction of these patients. It distorts their critical attitude to reality, tainting it with subjective interpretation, with religious practices that are often incongruous, irrational, of a rigid pattern. This conviction is accompanied by a scarcely veiled aggressiveness, distrust and proneness to irritability and it is sustained by a rigid, one-track thought process.

Generally, the relationship of a delirious person towards others is altered, with no genuine ability for spontaneous communication; the interests of such a person are paltry or non-existent, since his whole being hinges on an imperative and overwhelming sense of religious mission and a relationship with the supernatural. Although  these individuals declare themselves in different ways to be God’s servants, it seems that, with an apparent show of humility, they identify themselves with God. If their delirious state is criticised or called in question they react resentfully and without restraint, intolerant of any contradiction.  Their expression is never calm but shows either an emotional state of tense anxiety and aggressiveness, or in the ecstasy of delirium, a lifeless immobility, which reminds one of a doll’s eyes.

A person who manifests a conviction (which he himself considers more or less real) of a privileged relationship with the transcendent, as a defence or compensatory mechanism, hysterical in nature, is not such a clear-cut pathological case. In these cases a mystical conviction appears to be less rigid and less cohesive and it is easily intensified by the presence and participation of others. The person could then adopt extravagant behaviour as of mystical fervour, with theatrical gestures. These phenomena can be displayed, even when the person is alone, but there may be a secret intention of attracting other people’s attention. If such a person is asked about his mystical experience, he will strive to heighten curiosity in the person making the inquiry or in the public, either by giving a loquacious account of the facts, or by taking on an ecstatic and dreamy pose, or again by withdrawal and capricious silence.

Such a person will however, give expression to an emotional state that is incongruous — either supreme joy or over-emphatically expressed suffering, or again a slightly snobbish detachment from the mystical experience. He certainly fails on the other hand by a too marked emotional vacuum about the events which he is experiencing. We must remember that mystical exaltation of a hysterical nature can easily be induced by an individual to whom the patient attributes a certain authority, and who exploits the deep suggestibility of the hysterical person. This suggestibility, which is found to some extent in all of us but especially in the immature and in those particularly sensitive to highly emotional stimuli, can induce collective hysteria, wherein, through mutual conditioning, the whole group passes into a state of mystical exaltation; this ends in their having perceptual experience which is hallucinatory. 

Here I consider it of fundamental importance to emphasise that in all my contacts with the young ‘visionaries’ in Medjugorje I have never discovered, on any occasion, any thought, look, conversation, attitude or behaviour similar to these pathological states which I have listed.

First of all it must be made clear that the ’visionaries’ live a normal life; they are integrated in their community and in their families and are treated by others,  relatives, friends, priests, as if they were not visionaries; they themselves relate to others as if they were no different from other people, or from themselves before they became ‘visionaries.’ The phenomenon of collective suggestion which I mentioned earlier is not present. They differ from others only in the time they give to the practice of religion and to the visions; all this is done in a very natural way, without piosity, meaning apparent fervour, or complacency; their behaviour is by preference discreet and, politely, they try to shield themselves from the overpowering pressure of pilgrims, when this is possible. They are quite open to conversation and seem patiently resigned to always having to answer the same questions; in this they are not effusive, nor are they withdrawn or exhibitionist. On the contrary they look calm and peaceful and gentle. They do not try to convince one, and they do not exceed what is asked of them; their smile is not smug or malicious, and it is not artificial. Their movements reflect only kindness and good will. They certainly are not looking for attention or for an audience; they do not offer interpretations or personal opinions about their mystical experiences; all they want to do is to report the facts and admit that they are happy.

At the time of the ‘vision’ they gather in one room in the presbytery, which is filled with a variety of objects. It serves as a bedroom and study for one of the friars. On one wall there are several religious pictures — not very remarkable. By this I mean that even the environment where the ‘visions’ take place is free of all decorative elements which could favour a special feeling of religiosity.  Anyone there with the ‘visionaries’ finds that he has only the company of a friar. I found him serious and taciturn, a little abrupt, very much against anything that would tend towards magic or the supernatural. Others present can be admitted for the purpose of research or scientific assessment, but the number is limited, in my case three people.

The friar and the ‘visionaries’ sit down on little stools, and recite the Rosary in a thoughtful, recollected manner. Suddenly, at exactly the same time, which is amazing, the young people stand up and line up in front of one of the walls of the room. All of them gaze upwards at the same time, without ever looking at each other, and they seem to stare intensely at something that is outside the room and very far away. They keep their hands joined in prayer, and some of them move their lips, but their voice cannot be heard. After approximately one minute of time, on the occasion I was there, and again, amazingly all together, they give signs of a fleeting bodily tremor, and all withdraw from the place where they were standing. The expression on their faces becomes like ours. Behaving quite normally and with no haste, but deliberately, they go towards a table, do not speak to each other and each taking a pen and a notebook wherein their names are written, they sit down, and again without talking to each other, write down quickly, without pausing, the message which was given to them during the ‘vision.’ The length of the text differs from one to another. When they have finished, they leave the notebook and the pen, and with a quick handshake they greet us and leave the room, each going about his or her own business.

I know that this description of the ‘vision’ has already been given by other witnesses; however, I considered it useful to describe it after I had sketched a pathological mystical behaviour so that the reader can compare these and take account of the psychic normality of the young ‘visionaries.’

Something unusual, extraordinary exists but it seems to be strictly limited to the short period of the ‘vision.’ However, nothing authorises us to say that the ‘visionaries,’ because of this experience, manifest any personality disorders. They seem to be in a world beyond the perception of others and, for what concerns them, to have left our sphere of perception.

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[Although this blog has so far been identifying individuals who have allegedly benefitted from a miracle in some way attributable to Medjugorje it seems fitting that the following article should be included.  It appears at and lists the conclusions of the French-Italian Scientific Theological Commission relating to the extraordinary events taking place in Medjugorje]:

The international French-Italian Scientific Theological Commission ‘on the extraordinary events that are taking place in Medjugorje’ examined the apparitions of Medjugorje the most competently and the most expertly. The assembly of seventeen renowned natural scientists, doctors, psychiatrists and theologians in their research came to a 12 point conclusion on January 14, 1986 in Paina near Milan.

1.  On the basis of the psychological tests, for all and each of the visionaries it is possible with certainty to exclude fraud and deception.

2.  On the basis of the medical examinations, tests and clinical observations etc. for all and each of the visionaries it is possible to exclude pathological hallucinations.

3.  On the basis of the results of previous researches for all and each of the visionaries it is possible to exclude a purely natural interpretation of these manifestations.

4.  On the basis of information and observations that can be documented, for all and each of the visionaries it is possible to exclude that these manifestations are of the preternatural order, i.e. under demonic influence.

5.  On the basis of information and observations that can be documented, there is a correspondence between these manifestations and those that are usually described in mystical theology.

6.  On the basis of information and observations that can be documented, it is possible to speak of spiritual advances and advances in the theological and moral virtues of the visionaries, from the beginning of these manifestations until today. 

7.  On the basis of information and observations that can be documented, it is possible to exclude teaching or behaviour of the visionaries that would be in clear contradiction to Christian faith and morals.

8.  On the basis of information or observations that can be documented, it is possible to speak of good spiritual fruits in people drawn into the supernatural activity of these manifestations and in people favourable to them.
9.  After more than four years, the tendencies and different movements that have been generated through Medjugorje, in consequence of these manifestations, influence the people of God in the Church in complete harmony with Christian doctrine and morals.

10. After more than four years, it is possible to speak of permanent and objective spiritual fruits of movements generated through Medjugorje.

11. It is possible to affirm that all good and spiritual undertakings of the Church, which are in complete harmony with the authentic magisterium of the Church, find support in the events in Medjugorje.

12. Accordingly, one can conclude that after a deeper examination of the protagonists, facts and their effects, not only in the local framework, but also in regard to the responsive chords of the Church in general, it is well for the Church to recognise the supernatural origin and, thereby, the purpose of the events in Medjugorje.

So far it is the most conscientious and the most complete research of the Medjugorje phenomena, and, for that very reason it is the most positive that has yet been said about it on a scientific-theological level.

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[Michael H Brown is an author and journalist. The following article by Michael himself has been extracted from It has only been slightly edited by me]:

In May of 1988 when I first went to Medjugorje, the famed apparition site, I was furious.

The first morning there, I was convinced it was a case of mass hysteria.

As a journalist I was geared to observe circumstances, and what I saw concerned me greatly.

It seemed like a classic case of suggestion.

One person would point to Cross Mountain (Mount Krizevac) and say she saw the cross spinning and those she mentioned it to would then see the same.

When I looked, it was just a cross up there on this rise behind the church, doing nothing.

I was angry that I had come all this way and it was a bust and I would have to spend the better part of a week in this rather remote hamlet in Bosnia-Hercegovina without English newspapers and so much as television.

It was not that I didn’t believe. My conversion had come years before, starting in the early 1980s in Manhattan. I was a freelance magazine writer and author (and former newsman) who “saw the light” while working on a book about organised crime.

Attacked by the devil, I had sought refuge at a nearby church and  instantly became a daily communicant at Our Lady of Good Counsel on East 90th Street near my apartment. Immediately, I was committed to the Rosary.

Thus, I believed in visions and had seen and felt things for myself and in fact initially had no intention of going to Medjugorje because I didn’t feel I needed it. I believed. I was already fasting. I felt the Holy Spirit.

Instead, I sent my mother to the apparition site, which I first read about in People magazine and later learned more about it in a book by Father René Laurentin, in a widely circulated newsletter, and though home-made videos a priest gave me. Just touching and reading these items gave me a sense of the Holy Spirit. I had never felt anything quite so strong come from a book, save for Scripture (which I read daily). My mother went with a group from Niagara County at the same time that I travelled to Israel on business (visiting the holy sites but doing secular research into paleoanthropology).

I had no intention of expanding my travel plans but my mother and everyone with her were so blown away (my brother ended up at Medjugorje as well) that I resolved to go there myself.

I had never seen such a strong reaction.

And in subsequent months, and then years, time after time, testimony after testimony, it would be the same: the vast majority who went there would not only come back believers, but “converts” in the sense that spiritual blinders were lifted and they went to daily Mass (not just Sunday) and they never approached life again in quite the same fashion.

I had never seen anything near the strength of those conversions, and if those are not fruits — fasting, daily Rosary, love of God, Mass — I am not sure what is. Like many others, my brother ended up in the seminary. I can only compare it to other places where I have felt the power of God in a special fashion: at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, in the grotto of Lourdes, in the chapel at Fatima, at Turin where the Shroud is. I have had other major experiences everywhere from Knock to Guadalupe. I ended up visiting more than thirty sites of reputed apparition.

For me, Medjugorje was set apart in the size, the awesome power and the fact that the apparition was ongoing.

Initially sceptical, it didn’t take long for the Spirit to begin exploding.

After listening to a seer named Vicka I had begun to see incredible sights. There was a large moon as I looked across to the church from a balcony one evening and peering up, the lunar orb suddenly seemed to part into two orbs.

In one was the profile of a bearded man. In the other was the profile of a veiled female. A woman in our group from Detroit saw the same thing — “The Blessed Mother,” she blurted (without knowing what I was seeing).

The next day when we visited a priest who was there at the start of the apparitions, and who laid his hands on us, I noted that two statues at the front of the altar were of a bearded man with a crow (Benedict? Elijah?) and the veiled Virgin Mary.

Crossing a vineyard at the time of the evening apparition, I looked up and saw the sun suddenly behave in a way that was totally different from anything in my previous experience. I had seen sunsets in Hawaii. I had seen them in Colorado. I had seen them in California. I had seen them in Tanzania — hard to beat those. I had seen them in New Zealand.

But this was totally different.

The sun spun and moved and threw bands of colours in an impossible wide aura and also around the mountain range below.

They were purples and pinks and blue and orange and a melding of colours not of this earth, at least not in my experience.

When I dashed up to a couple walking in front of me to ask if they were seeing the same thing, it turned out to be the famous Miami football coach Don Shula and his wife (who was equally excited).

Stars moved in the night sky. At one point, a dozen of us took turns watching a star as it continuously and indisputably split into three smaller stars (blue, red and white) then went back to a single one.

We watched that for fifteen minutes (with binoculars).

I could go on. I was spoken to. On other visits, I saw more remarkable things. I saw a cross of light stream down from the sun and touch a field in front of me. I saw more sun miracles. I saw a huge dove-like light rise from between the towers of the church (observing it from various angles for more than ten minutes on the feast of the Assumption). Most importantly, I saw dramatic conversions — and felt a peace unlike any I had ever encountered (such that “peace” meant something wholly different from my first visit onward).

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[The following brief statement is from I could not find any other mention of this subject, Maria Brumee on the Internet but it is another one that has been brought to the attention of the parish office at Medjugorje for investigation and verification. It has only been slightly edited by me]:

Maria Brumee had a fractured spine. All treatment had failed and she had been told she would be an invalid for the rest of her life. On pilgrimage to Medjugorje, on 08 August 1983 she was instantly and inexplicably cured.

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[A brief account of Mirko Brkic’s story appears on He is mentioned on other sites but usually in another language. I have only slightly edited it]:

Mirko Brkic broke his leg and a pin was placed in it. He was treated first in a hospital in Banja Luka and then in Belgrade. An open sore, under the knee of the broken leg, was treated many times, but the sore became deeper until the bone was visible. Doctors decided to amputate. Meanwhile Mirko’s family had made a vow to Our Lady, and prayed and fasted. The day before the scheduled amputation, the wound suddenly closed. The astonished doctors cancelled the operation. After several days the wound was completely healed over. the healing was made public on March 26, 1982.

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[The case of Iva Tole appears on a number of websites but the only one I could find in English was  It is one of the series I have mentioned before of cases handed into the parish office for investigation and verification. The following extract has only been slightly edited by me]:

Iva had multiple sclerosis.  She was treated in hospitals in Belgrade and Zagreb but did not improve. She retired prematurely due to the disability and stayed at home. Her condition became continually worse. She wanted to go to ‘Our Lady’s home’ at Medjugorje but was not strong enough, so her daughter went for her. There, the daughter prayed, fasted and asked little Jakov (Colo — one of the visionaries, just 10 years old at the time which was only two months since the apparitions began on 24 June 1981) if her mother would get better. He told her, “If she believes, fasts, and prays, her health will improve.”

Finally, on September 13, 1981 the woman herself was brought to the church at Medjugorje. She prayed and then went on foot to the Krizevac Hill (now known in English as Cross Mountain) to hear Mass. She returned home full of joy. Her headaches have disappeared. She now does the housework, something she had no longer been able to do. She declared her healing on May 20, 1982 and deposited the relevant medical documents at the parish office.  

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[The following brief article was extracted from I haven’t been able to find testimony relating to this person elsewhere but, as before, according to the site it is one of a series of testimonies of reported physical healings given to the parish office in Medjugorje for investigation and verification. I have only slighted edited it]:

Anica Brekalo suffered from blood clots in her legs and also from degenerative rheumatism. She has been treated in a hospital at Split (Croatia) with no relief. She made a vow to go to Medjugorje. In preparation, she prayed and fasted regularly. During the communal prayer for the sick at Medjugorje, she felt herself getting better. Afterwards the sickness simply disappeared. Now, according to her own words, she is completely healed.

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[ contains a number of brief items relating to apparently miraculous physical cures details of which have been handed in to the parish office for investigation and verification. The following is one of those and pertains to Antonija Puljic of Podvinje. It has only been slightly edited by me. Others follow on subsequent pages of this blog]:

Antonija Puljic, a little girl just two years old, was badly burned. Her doctor said she would not be able to walk for a month and a half.  Her parents went to the place of the apparitions and prayed for her. That same evening she began to walk.  Two days later the burned areas were healed over, and she was healed. Medical certificates were given.

[There are villages bearing the name Podvinje in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina and it is not clear from the note which one Antonija hails from although I’m guessing it is the one in Bosnia and Hercegovina].

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[Jozo Vasilj’s story, as far as I can ascertain, only appears in English on the website He is not to be confused with Fr. Jozo Vasilj who features prominently in the history of the Medjugorje apparitions. I have only slighted edited the article]:

Jozo Vasilj was 85 years old. He was blind and paralysed as the result of a stroke. He was unable to go to Apparition Hill, but asked that someone bring back dirt and herbs from there. He mixed them with water and then washed himself with it. He could immediately see his wife. He gives the following description of what happened:

Eight years ago I had a stroke which rendered my left eye completely useless. During the past four years my right eye also stopped functioning and I couldn’t see anymore. I asked Vida Vasilj to bring some flowers and sage from the Crnica Hill (Apparition Hill). That same night I put these plants under my head. In the morning I asked my wife to bring me water. I put the plants in water and washed myself. Upon drying myself with a towel, I said to my wife, “There, I can see!” She answered, “What do you mean you can see?” I said, “I can see you haven’t put your socks on yet!” That is how my wife found out I could really see. While I was washing I recited the Creed.

Another time I was in our church; it was when Jure Ivankovic  came from the USA. Once again, God gave me a great grace. For some time my hands had been covered with open sores which were very painful; they disappeared that very day. These things happened in the early days of the apparitions.

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[Cvija Kuzman’s story appears on a number of websites but usually in a foreign language. I found the following brief article on]:

Cvija Kuzman from Stolac had suffered for eleven years from degenerative arthritis, passing from one hospital to another, able to walk but with arms and legs swollen and painful. In August 1981 she had brought back some soil from Medjugorje and made a paste of it.  Her daughter applied the paste, reciting seven Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s and Gloria’s.  Mrs Kuzman was instantly healed.

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[The case of Damir Coric is mentioned on many websites though mostly in a foreign language. I extracted the following short mention of him, in English, from]:

Damir Coric, who suffered from internal hydrocephaly, had undergone three drainage operations in the Zagreb Surgical Clinic. Each time the operation had resulted in a cerebral haemorrhage which had necessitated further surgery. The likelihood of more haemorrhages was great, and Damir’s prognosis was gloomy in the extreme. Meanwhile, he had lost a great deal of weight and was very weak. At Medjugorje, during the summer of 1981, Vicka (one of the visionaries) prayed for him. Damir Cormic was cured — and rapidly regained his former weight and strength.