Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In Australian politics you either like or loathe your PM. Whether it is one or the other usually depends on which party you vote for. So one would expect Labor supporters to shun John Howard’s memoirs and for conservatives to be rapt by his every word. Lazarus Rising however can be viewed more as an historical tome, given the time Howard spent in politics and the apparent accuracy with which he has recorded the major events that occurred on his watch. During his time as PM he did make mistakes but unlike most politicians he admits them. Perhaps that’s because he has retired and doesn’t have to toe the party line but nonetheless it is refreshing to see his admissions in print.

This book is, as would be expected, intelligently and accurately written, in many cases based on contemporaneous notes and diaries. Some conversations which he held with world leaders and other Australian politicians and entities, are recorded verbatim from his records. It is this which adds a touch of both historicity and authenticity to his words.

Whatever side of politics you come from Lazarus Rising is an entertaining and fascinating read from start to finish.

Darryl Greer

Author The Election

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