Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Robin Cook is the creator – and master – of the medical thriller and his latest novel, Death Benefit, doesn’t disappoint. Often legal thrillers – John Grisham’s spring to mind – are a little predictable but this story is full of surprises, especially as it nears its dénouement. As always with Cook, there is a moral to the story, this time the questionable antics of Wall Street whizz kids who buy up life insurance polices from people so desperate for cash they’ll sell for a pittance.

There is the inevitable cat and mouse chase – baddies vs. goodies – but with more twists and turns than the road to Katmandu. Cook manages to explain complex medical conditions in a language most readers should understand. A text book it isn’t and fiction it is, but, like those Cook novels before it, Death Benefit will teach you a little something you didn’t know about the intricacies of medical science.

It’s a riveting read, a roller-coaster of a journey and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Darryl Greer

Author, The Election

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