Tuesday, December 6, 2016


[The following has been extracted from an article which appears at www.unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com but the subject, Jill Jensen has been written about on many other sites]:

Jill Jensen grew up in an upper middle class neighbourhood in Chicago. When she was a teenager, she had been a model but also fell into drug experimentation. Her casual habit soon grew into a $500 a day cocaine addiction. She went to several rehabs, but none had been successful. 

In 1988 Jill’s aunt went to Medjugorje and when she returned she urged Jill to come with her. The following year she went but had doubts about its effectiveness, particularly as her body was riddled with sores as a result of intense scratching, since many users experience sensations of insects crawling over them. 

When she arrived she met with a European priest. For over an hour, she confessed about her drug habit. The priest put holy water on Jill’s sores and within a few days, the sores were gone and she didn’t experience any withdrawal. Jill then met with one of the visionaries, who prayed over Jill. Jill has not used drugs since then. She has spoken around the country (USA) to large groups schools and churches about the experiences and continues to share her story in hopes of teaching others about the dangers of drug addiction.

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  1. Unsolved Mysteries says she met with an American priest there; not a European one. Not that it matters, just wanted to share for sake of continuity.

    Her story is a touching one indeed.