Friday, January 13, 2017


[Articles pertaining to Branka Bingula appear multiple times on the web mostly in one foreign language or another. The following is a version I’ve taken from but it is so badly translated into English it hardly makes sense. I have done my best to edit it]:

Branka Bingula (56) was diagnosed in 2005 with a malignant tumour of the breast. It was operated on, then Branka had to have her uterus removed. Just two years later, in 2007, doctors found that the metastases had spread to her lungs and Branka’s world crashed. It seemed to her as if she had spent all these years fighting in vain. She felt the end was near.

The doctors sent Branka to the hospital where she had surgery to remove the tumour. Then began the tedious and difficult recovery period. After chemotherapy Branka had a problem with her uterus and ovaries so she had them removed.  

Although she was born into a Catholic family Branka had moved away from the Church. She had had a Bible for years but never read it; it had never even been opened. Branka wondered “God, why me?” She began thinking about her life and her faith.

While in hospital, Branka heard stories about Lupoglav (Croatia). She heard the story of a woman whom doctors had given only a few months to live, and who’d beaten cancer. She went to Lupoglav, to the Community Good Shepherd with charismatics, and Reverend Drazen Radigovic. People pray there to glorify the Lord and the reverend lays hands on the sick. Branka said that after the first visit she knew God would not abandon her and that she would get well.

She then commenced making pilgrimages to Medjugorje. After several weeks, medical examinations revealed that the metastases had disappeared. 

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