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[The following article and testimony has been extracted from It has only been slighted edited by me]:

[May 17, 2012 reported in and from] A former Italian bank manager says he saw the Virgin Mary in a sun spectacle in Medjugorje on April 27. Wearing a blue cloak, the Virgin stood forth in the sun at just about the time the daily apparition begins, Luciano Giglioni testifies. Along with a group of Italian pilgrims, Luciano, from Castel del Piano witnessed the 30 minute sun wonder. Luciano says he saw the Virgin Mary in the sun minutes before 5:40 pm when three Medjugorje visionaries have their daily apparition.

“When we went down Apparition Hill,” Luciano tells regional newspaper Il Tirreno Grosseto, “the sun had become so bright that its light took much of the sky. Then suddenly, it started to throb, turn on itself and then split into two. You could see the image of the Virgin Mary dressed in a blue cloak, and a purple cross.

“Some began to cry, some to pray, some were still walking as if nothing had happened. I realised I was crying. I  took off my glasses and watched the sun changing colour continuously for at least half an hour. Then everything went back to normal, with only the normal heaven and apparently normal people.”

Saying he will always have emotions tied to the event, Luciano has spent a while since April 27 trying to make sense of what happened. “Imagine my surprise when I  tried to rationalise the event. What had I seen? What did we see? How could I look at the sun without sunglasses all the time and not have any damage to my eyesight? I am only giving witness and this means I must stick to the facts of what I experienced on that day at about 17:30.”

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