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It is a well-known, documented medical fact that one of the Medjugorje visionaries, Vicka Ivankovic (married name: Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic) had been plagued by suffering for several years. She was said to have had a brain tumour that caused severe headaches, coma state periods, nausea and other symptoms for years. However, on 25 September 1988, the pain stopped. Vicka wrote about her healing six months before it happened. The following is her letter addressed to a local priest at the time. Fr. Janko Bubalo:

Bijakovici — February 4, 1988

Fr. Janko,

That which I promised you — a ceasing of pains; September 25, 1988. Only under the seal of confession. My greeting to you! Your little sister, Vicka.

Fr. Janko wrote the following on the bottom of Vicka’s letter:

Received — Fr. Janko Bubalo, February 4, 1988.

This statement was sealed in an envelope and delivered on February 4, 1988 with the instructions to be opened on September 25, 1988.


  1. Fr. Janko Bubalo
  2. Fr. Vinko Orgicevic
  3. Fr. Luca Susac.

Fr. Janko, along with the other two witnesses, had received the letter from Vicka dated February 4, 1988 and were told to open the letter on September 25, 1988. When the letter was opened, Vicka stopped having pains — just as it was stated in the letter. The president of the new commission assigned to study Medjugorje was present when the priests opened their letter. It was no coincidence that Bishop Komarica was also there.

Vicka’s healing demonstrated to the commission that the apparitions were real. The letter had been sealed in three different places for six months. 

[Extract from Caritas Newsletter October/November 1988 and re-published at webmedjugorje.com].

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