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[Jozo Vasilj’s story, as far as I can ascertain, only appears in English on the website He is not to be confused with Fr. Jozo Vasilj who features prominently in the history of the Medjugorje apparitions. I have only slighted edited the article]:

Jozo Vasilj was 85 years old. He was blind and paralysed as the result of a stroke. He was unable to go to Apparition Hill, but asked that someone bring back dirt and herbs from there. He mixed them with water and then washed himself with it. He could immediately see his wife. He gives the following description of what happened:

Eight years ago I had a stroke which rendered my left eye completely useless. During the past four years my right eye also stopped functioning and I couldn’t see anymore. I asked Vida Vasilj to bring some flowers and sage from the Crnica Hill (Apparition Hill). That same night I put these plants under my head. In the morning I asked my wife to bring me water. I put the plants in water and washed myself. Upon drying myself with a towel, I said to my wife, “There, I can see!” She answered, “What do you mean you can see?” I said, “I can see you haven’t put your socks on yet!” That is how my wife found out I could really see. While I was washing I recited the Creed.

Another time I was in our church; it was when Jure Ivankovic  came from the USA. Once again, God gave me a great grace. For some time my hands had been covered with open sores which were very painful; they disappeared that very day. These things happened in the early days of the apparitions.

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