Thursday, March 9, 2017


[The case of Iva Tole appears on a number of websites but the only one I could find in English was  It is one of the series I have mentioned before of cases handed into the parish office for investigation and verification. The following extract has only been slightly edited by me]:

Iva had multiple sclerosis.  She was treated in hospitals in Belgrade and Zagreb but did not improve. She retired prematurely due to the disability and stayed at home. Her condition became continually worse. She wanted to go to ‘Our Lady’s home’ at Medjugorje but was not strong enough, so her daughter went for her. There, the daughter prayed, fasted and asked little Jakov (Colo — one of the visionaries, just 10 years old at the time which was only two months since the apparitions began on 24 June 1981) if her mother would get better. He told her, “If she believes, fasts, and prays, her health will improve.”

Finally, on September 13, 1981 the woman herself was brought to the church at Medjugorje. She prayed and then went on foot to the Krizevac Hill (now known in English as Cross Mountain) to hear Mass. She returned home full of joy. Her headaches have disappeared. She now does the housework, something she had no longer been able to do. She declared her healing on May 20, 1982 and deposited the relevant medical documents at the parish office.  

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