Tuesday, March 7, 2017


[www.medjugorje.com contains a number of brief items relating to apparently miraculous physical cures details of which have been handed in to the parish office for investigation and verification. The following is one of those and pertains to Antonija Puljic of Podvinje. It has only been slightly edited by me. Others follow on subsequent pages of this blog]:

Antonija Puljic, a little girl just two years old, was badly burned. Her doctor said she would not be able to walk for a month and a half.  Her parents went to the place of the apparitions and prayed for her. That same evening she began to walk.  Two days later the burned areas were healed over, and she was healed. Medical certificates were given.

[There are villages bearing the name Podvinje in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina and it is not clear from the note which one Antonija hails from although I’m guessing it is the one in Bosnia and Hercegovina].

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