Friday, May 6, 2016


Hey I'm into double figures. Not too long to go now. Yesterday I quoted from Mary Craig's book Spark From Heaven. Today on my lengthy walk I stumbled upon this sign:

So I had wandered from the village of Medjugorje, through the village of Bijakovici and into the village of Surmanci. Of course they're all pretty close. I didn't go further but I imagine I wasn't far from where that atrocity that Mary Craig wrote about took place. I understand from further reading that in the 1990s a group of Serbs came and disinterred the bodies and took them back to where they had been taken from. Sad, sad history in what appears to be such a peaceful place now.

During my walk I channelled my inner mountain goat and climbed again. I don't want to keep going on about the pathways but here's a close-up:

Back in the hotel now listening to music and doing some catching up on paperwork and such. But here's an interesting sign in my room:

I've been dutifully accompanying the door each time I leave. I hope I've been doing the right thing.

Oh yes, I knew that good fortune would come to me by coming here. I've won the lottery!

Now all I've got to do is work out how I'm going to spend it all.


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