Monday, November 9, 2015


This is a 'take it easy day' for us. We sure needed it after the journey yesterday. This time I'll try to upload a few photos just to keep you, dear reader, slightly above your boredom threshold.

This is part of our bathroom. I guess it's about an acre in size, room for a 9 hole golf course.  And just in case you feel you haven't got enough space, they've kindly provided an outdoor shower set in its own park.  Alan used it this morning while I used the more conventional method of showering. Boy, was that a sight to behold. There's just a tad too much glass in this place.

Here's a shot through the glass. This is what we wake up to. No buildings anywhere, just trees. Of course we have to keep the door locked and our automatic weapons ready in case of bears, snakes, alligators and, of course, drunken Australian tourists.

Over yonder is Argentina where we head the day after next. You know the big guy in the yellow top.

And of course, there's me. Posing this is called. I'm standing in the main square in Carmelo. It's a nice little town. Again, as always seems to be the case, the natives are friendly.

Tonight we're off to a nearby winery for dinner; tomorrow the Red Indian will take us to Colonia del Sacramento for one night only before heading the next day across the river to Buenos Aires.

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