Wednesday, November 11, 2015


A big day for us today. After checking out of our hotel we spent a few hours having a final look at Colonia del Sacramento before checking in at the port for our ferry ride across the River Plate to Buenos Aires.

This is a pic of the Plaza de Toros (bullring). It was the kind of development yours truly would be likely to be involved in.  In 1911 some guys got together and built a fabulous stadium for bullfighting, then in 1912 the then government banned the 'sport'.  So, instant ruins. And they're still there, a testament to wise investments.

The ferry ride across to Argentina was uneventful, save that for a trip across the river that takes less than an hour we seemed to have spent several hours going through the process of boarding and disembarking.

Anyway we're here. The apartment is unbelievable. It is owned by a very nice guy called Carlos, an architect. It is in the upscale suburb of Recoleta right opposite the famous cemetery.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a balcony, designer Italian furniture. It is just great.

We're just getting ready walk to our restaurant for dinner. Yet another South American cow is about to bite the dust.

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