Monday, November 2, 2015


This is the theatre Alan and I are booked into tomorrow night to see a show entitled La Bicicleta Blanca (which my extremely limited knowledge of Spanish suggests to me means "The White Bicycle").  It is apparently the music behind the Argentine tango. I'm looking forward to that. A little bit of culture won't do any harm. Besides, it will mean a couple of hours when I'm not eating or drinking so that's good.

Alan and I had lunch in a nearby restaurant similar to the one in this photo. The Uruguayans have a rather unique way of barbecuing meat and you might just make this out in the background. The people who barbecue are regarded as professionals. There is quite an art to it. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. The steaks were unbelievably good. They virtually melt in your mouth. As an added bonus we found today that if us foreigners pay by a non-Uruguayan card at the till they automatically deduct the tax which made a cheap meal cheaper still. I suspect we'll be eating a few more steaks before we leave here.

At this stage I don't know what this building is but it was reputedly the tallest building in the South America at the time it was constructed. Very unusual architecture. This is on the square in front of our hotel. The photo immediately  below is, I think, the presidential offices and is also in the square in front of out hotel.

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