Sunday, November 8, 2015


The Grand Hotel at Punta del Este was, as its name suggests, rather grand. Nicely situated across the road from the excellent beach it is very well appointed and it was a shame we were only there overnight. Only one drawback: they don't supply you with a dog.

Punta del Este was quite a nice surprise. It's apparently where the rich and famous go to let their hair down. Very chic. Of course the two of us, as rich and famous as we are, fitted in nicely.

Today was the longest Alan has had to drive. Virtually the entire day from the eastern side of the country to the far west. Our hotel is right on the River Plate and you can see Argentina across the other side.  It's a beautiful hotel. Just what the doctor ordered after such a long drive.

The countryside on our route was very similar to what you'd see in Australia or in many other parts of the world.

Now we're at our new hotel. And the best so far.  I'd post a photo but as it takes several hours to upload a photo using their wi fi I'll give it a miss for now. Stay tuned.

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